Rover -Ranger Unit

Rover Leader: Mr. GopalTamuli
Ranger Leader: Dr. BuliGogoi

The Rover-Ranger unit of SimenChapari College has been providing opportunity to students to involve in the scout movement, worldwide youth movement. Ranger unit of the college named Kanaklata Ranger was formed in 2006 with 6 girls students and registered under the Bharat Scouts and Guides, Assam. Under the supervision of the Bharat Scouts and Guides, Dhemaji district the Rover crew was founded in 2016 with 5 male students. At present the total number of members is 40 (Rover- 20, Ranger-20). As the motto of Rover /Ranger is ‘Service’, from the inception the members of the team has been rendering services inside and outside of the college i.e. college week, cleanliness programme, seminars, workshops etc. Celebration of important national and international days is an integral part of scouting programme of this unit. The Rangers and Rovers have learnt about the significance of scouting and are ready to shoulder any responsibility for the well being of society without self-interest. The purpose of designing various activities i.e. camping, pioneering of this team are-
• To help youth to achieve all-round development
• To develop multi-dimensional skills
• To help in building strong character
• To realize the scout promise and law
The Ranger Leader Dr. BuliGogoi participated and successfully completed the Himalaya Wood Badge Course organized by Bharat Scouts and Guides National Training Centre, Pachmari (Madhya Pradesh)
Mr. GopalTamuli Assistant Professor of the SimenChapari College participated and successfully completed the State Level Basic Course organized by Bharat Scouts and Guides, State Training Centre, Sonapur, Assam from 4th November to 10 thNovember, 2013.

Child Development Centre

SimenChapari College is running a child development centre named PhenhujaliMoinaParijat since 2016. The centre was opened with 16 children from college neighboring area and registered under SadouAxomMoinaParijat, a state level forum for children. The motto of the college child development centre is – play, enjoy and learn. The major objectives of starting the centre are-
• To identify and nourish the talents of children
• To provide a platform to younger one for fullest expression of their probabilities
• To help children to develop skills and prepare themselves for future life.
• Connecting the rural society to the college community
• To create awareness among parents on the issues and problems related to child rearing
President: Dr. RunuGogoi
Secretary: Dr. BuliGogoi
Total child members : 32

Women Cell

SimenChapari College has formed its women cell on 2nd January 2013 keeping in view of the needs and importance of the present milieu. It is evident from day-to-day incidence and accidents that even after we have stepped in to the era of modernity , still women are harassed assaulted demoralized and discriminated on the ground of sex. To bring about good social environment by infusing the knowledge of self-consciousness of gender and equality, the women cell go on working against such practices. We think that our members of women cell will impart the basic knowledge to the students for being conscious of the theme of equality and justice. For the improvement of personality of both the sexes are important for a healthy society. The development of society is depended on the human psyche, moreover, efforts be made by our teachers by eradicating the social evils like superstition, discrimination in the name of sex. With such thoughts, the colleges has constituted the body with the following members-
Adviser: Dr. SachinDoley, President: Dr. RunuGogoi, Vice-President: Dr. BuliGogoi, Secretary: Mrs. RiniSaikia, Assistant Secretary: Dr. KushalataGogoi, Treasurer: Dr. SubharaniBasumatary.
Members: Mrs. NamitaDutta, Dr. Shanti Doley, Ms. BhumshriRamchiary, Dr. SinuPegu, Dr. SulekhaKonwar, Mrs. JunmoniRaidongia, Mrs. RanjitaPegu, Mrs. BangbuliBoro.

Vivekananda Kendra Kanya kumari Simen Chapari College Cell

SimenChapari College has formed its Vivekananda Kendra Kanyakumari cell on 14th April, 2014 keeping in view of the needs and importance of the college community. It also aimed to serve the nearby community specially children, youth and parents through different programmes and activities, for example 1. Children: Sanskar Barga
2. Youth: Sadhaya Barga
3. All: Kendra Barga
4. All: Yoga Barga
As per general meeting held on 14/4/2014 at 12 pm the Vivekananda Kendra Kanyakumari cell, SimenChapari College had formed with following members
Adviser: Dr. Sachin Doley
Teacher Pramukh: Dr. Runu Gogoi, Dr. Buli Gogoi, Mrs. Namita Dutta, Mr. Bhupen Chungkrang, Mr. Tankeswar Baruah, Mr. Gopal Tamuli, Dr.Kushalata Gogoi

The NSS:

The National Service Scheme unit of SimenChapari College has been sincerely engaged in training the students for infusing the ideas of the benefits of team work through cooperation in social activities. Many interested students have been enrolled as volunteers for giving a helping hand in community services. Special camps, relief programme, tree plantation and other workshops are organized for providing knowledge and practical experience in the field of adjustment and unity.


Eco club of SimenChapari College The Eco Club of SimenChapari College was introduced in the year2016

SL No Post NameName Department Designation Contact No Email ID
1 President Dr. SachinDoley Principal 9957485201 sachindoley201@gmailcom
2 Working President Mr. SarmanathPegu Sociology Assistant Prof 6003700792
3 Secretary Mr. GopalTamuli Education Assistant Prof.&HoD 9954813221
4 Member Dr. RunuGogoi Assamese Assistant Prof.&HoD 9101489932
5 Member Mr. TrailukyaPhukan Economics Assistant Prof.&HoD 9957436991
6 Member Mr. Puspa Kt. Doley History Assistant Prof.&HoD 9395509963
7 Member Mr. SabetBasumatary Bodo Assistant Prof.&HoD 9954510114
8 Member Mr. Hem Chandra Payang Forest
9 Member JunmoniRaidangia Assistant Libraryan 9957523152
10 Member KuchahanMiri Head Assistant 7896365884
Main focus of the club is to preserve and uplift bio-diversity and to develop awareness among the students of the college as well as the community of the nearby college The club is trying to achieve its goal by observing World Environment Day, Soil conservation awareness camp, Clean drive Programme, awareness camp on save wild life etc. in collaboration with different wings of the college.