The Career Guidance and Counseling Cell of the College is one of the core bodies of the college. It energizes the teachers’ profession, promotes capacity building as well helps students take knowledge to their hearts. The degree of its success lies in the nature of works and the action plan taken by the cell under the supervision of the college authorities. The cell is highly valued for its extension activities.

The authorities of Simenchapari College had taken the initiative to carry out such extension works in the year 2016 so that students of this rural region be enriched and enlightened in the areas of knowledge and career building. Accordingly, Mr. Krishna Bhujel, the HOD of English was entrusted the work of the Coordinator of CG&CC, SimenChapari College to pave the ways for mobilizing its tentacles through teachers and students cooperation. And Sir Bhujel, the Coordinator has been striving well to cope with the students’ needs and the teachers’ interest since January, 2017. As a result, some workshops, awareness programme, counseling and other observations have been organized by the Career Guidance Cell of the College. The summary of the extension activities are given below.

The Career Guidance and Counseling Cell of SimenChapari College is constituted of the following representatives:

Dr. Sachin Doley, PrincipalChairman 9954785201
Krishna Bhujel, Asst. Prof Coordinator 9957245580
Raphwdai Machahary, Asst. Prof Member 9954197533
Rini Saikia ,Asst.ProfMember 7002839773
Dr.Buli Gogoi, Asst.Prof Member8099707671


The aims and objects of the Career Guidance and Counseling Cell are as follows:
1. The Cell aims to familiarize its activities among the students through notification, banners posters etc. so that they may gain more knowledge other than the course contents.
2. The Guidance Cell keeps interest in drawing the attention of the students towards brightening their career through interactive learning.
3. It goads professionals to conduct workshop, seminars and awareness programmes.
4. Through this Cell, the college authorities aspire to engage teachers for professional development and extend knowledge among students.
5. It would try to improve the communication ability of the students.
6. The Cell strives to accelerate teaching learning activity.
7. The coordinator shall intend to organize workshops for improvement of English speaking/writing skills in commensurate with regional languages.
8. The CG & CC intends to work in educational sphere in collaboration with social groups.
9. The Counseling Cell keeps utmost care in coordinating with the college Academic Board for enhancement of the academic performance.
10. The college keeps an eye for all-round development of the educational environment at the college.